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Webinar: Seven Tips for Postpartum Support
Thu, February 09, 2017 1:00PM to 2:30PM (Eastern)
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Hosted by Praeclarus Press
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The Postpartum Plan-Seven Tips for Postpartum Support
by Michelle Peterson

Many women lack good support in the postpartum period. Friends and family often want to help, but don't know how. This webinar will show you how to create a plan so that mothers get the support they need after having a baby. Good support does not have to be costly, but there needs to be a plan in place. According to Michelle Peterson, author of Seven Sisters for Seven Days, a mother's postpartum plan is as  important as her birth plan. Join Michelle as she shares seven tips for successful postpartum planning and preparation, so mothers, or practitioners who help them, can make a plan for comprehensive postpartum support.

The live webinar will be recorded, and all registrants will receive a link to watch and download the recording. We have applied for CERPs. 

  • The Importance of the Postpartum Plan and how it can assist women and families in the postpartum window.
  • Tips for postpartum planning and wellness.
  • Tools for postpartum support
  • Tips on creating a community care team for your postpartum period.
  • Importance of the Postpartum Plan
  • Why a postpartum plan is important.
  • Identifying postpartum needs and options for each unique family structure.
  • What a postpartum plan could potentially help prevent.
  • Tips for postpartum planning and wellness
  • Identifying familial and lifestyle needs for the postpartum window.
  • Knowing mama’s health picture and working with providers.
  • The importance of asking for and receiving help.
  • Gathering information on postpartum resources.
  • Tools for postpartum support.
  • Postnatal confinement and mother warming
  • Postpartum diet
  • 20 top postpartum support tools
  • Community Care Tips
  • Calling upon a community care team
  • Community care building tools
  • How community care supports not only the single family but also global family.

Michelle Peterson is the founder of The Seven Sisters Postpartum Care Program and author of Seven Sisters for Seven Days:  A Mothers’ Manual for Community Based Postpartum Care. After a challenging first postpartum, she created this incredible system to support her family during her second postpartum and soon began sharing it with mothers in her community and beyond. Michelle focuses on helping mothers get the support they need. She believes that the spiritual, emotional, and physical welfare of families is the backbone of our collective well-being. 
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