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The 10 Things IBCLCs Need to Know about VBAC
Wed, January 15, 2014 1:00PM to 2:00PM (Eastern)
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Hosted by Praeclarus Press
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VBAC Facts

Join us on January 15, 2014 as Praeclarus Press is proud to bring you another exciting live webinar The 10 Things IBCLCs Need to Know about VBAC. Our speaker is Jennifer Kamel of VBAC Facts.

While major medical organizations use words like safe, appropriate, and reasonable to describe VBAC, most people still believe VBAC is dangerous, risky, and reserved for women who value a birth experience over a good outcome. Over 40% of American hospitals have either formal or defacto VBAC bans and about 91% of American women have repeat cesareans even though most women are VBAC candidates, most VBACs are successful and about half of American women are interested in the option.  While women are the ultimate decision makers about their medical care, and are legally entitled to plan a VBAC in spite of a VBAC ban, many are lead to believe that VBAC bans mean that the option of VBAC is not available to them.  Ultimately, much confusion remains about post-cesarean birth options in America among consumers, providers, and professionals.  As IBCLCs have contact in the early post-partum period with women who have had cesareans, they are able to offer accurate information on post-cesarean birth options which may very well color how the mother processes her cesarean as well as how she perceives and feels about her future fertility.

  1. To illustrate why it’s so important for IBCLCs to understand post-cesarean birth options, that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, and that it takes up to 20 years for evidence to impact clinical practice so it is imperative to get information directly to consumers.
  2. To understand what the ACOG guidelines say in terms of who is and is not “generally” a VBAC candidate.
  3. Understand the prevalence and impact of VBAC bans on the perception of choice as well as on the nationwide cesarean rate.
  4. Understand how current choices regarding mode of delivery impacts future pregnancies with the understanding the family size is hard to accurately predict.
  5. Understand that non-medical factors impact how the risks and benefits of VBAC and repeat cesarean are portrayed to consumers.
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