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Assessment and Treatment of Tongue-tie and Lip Tie
Thu, March 30, 2017 1:00PM to 2:30PM (Eastern)
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Important: The live event will be recorded and all registrants will be sent a link for the recording.

Assessment and Treatment of Tongue-tie and Lip Tie: Cognitive Errors, Ethics and the Differential Diagnosis Process

The subject of tongue-tie continues to be controversial, and generates polarization, despite ample research that is currently available. How do cognitive errors play a role? What ethical duty do health practitioners have? Why has differential diagnosis become a “dirty word” concept when it comes to tongue-tie and lip tie? Dr. Hazelbaker explores confirmation and availability bias, two common cognitive errors, as an explanation for the polarized positions regarding tongue-tie and lip tie. She further examines the seven principles of health care ethics as they pertain to assessment and treatment of tongue-tie and lip tie. She then outlines the differential diagnosis process and examines how the current approach to assessment of these conditions violates that process leading to possible over-diagnosis and over-treatment, putting vulnerable babies at risk.

This live event will be recorded and sent to every participant a few days after the event concludes.

Dr. Alison Hazelbaker is a seasoned IBCLC who has been in private practice for over 30 years. She specializes in the treatment of infant sucking problems using multiple modalities. In 1990, she authored the Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function. She also authored Tongue-tie: Morphogenesis, Impact, Assessment and Treatment, and co-authored Color Atlas of Infant Tongue-tie and Lip Tie Frenectomy. The second edition of her seminal book on tongue-tie will be available soon.

The participant will be able to:

1. Define confirmation bias.

2. Describe the four health care principles most likely to be violated when assessing and treating tongue-tie and lip tie.

3. Describe the various steps involved in the differential diagnosis process.

I. Cognitive errors

a. Confirmation bias
                  1. Defined
                  2. Examples

b. Availability bias
                  1. Defined
                  2. Examples

c. Examples of these biases at play when assessing and treating tongue-tie and lip tie

II. Health care ethics: the principles

a. Autonomy
b. Veracity
c. Beneficence
d. Nonmaleficence
e. Role fidelity
f. Confidentiality
g. Justice
h. How do these principles apply to assessment and treatment of tongue-tie and lip tie?

III. Differential diagnosis

a. Do IBCLCs diagnose?
b. What does differential diagnosis mean?
c. The steps
d. How can the differential diagnosis process be observed when assessing for tongue-tie and lip tie?


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